Cultivating Happiness in a Crisis


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This online event took place on Thursday April 16th. You can access the recordings now if you just complete the form below!

Cultivating Happiness in Crisis

Vicky Johnson - Cultivating Self-Compassion in Tough Times + Guided Meditation (Co-founder and Director of Museum of Happiness)

Chris Johnstone - Accessing Wellbeing in Uncertain Times (Author of several books leading specialist on wellbeing, hope and resilience)

Mark Williamson - The Action for Happiness Approach to these Challenging Times (Director of Action for Happiness)

Miriam Akhtar - Happiness Habits for the Corona Crisis (Author of several books on happiness and leading Positive Psychologist)

Shamash Alidina - The Power of Psychological Flexibility + Guided Meditation (Co-founder of Museum of Happiness and specialist in mindfulness and ACT)

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Our Speakers

Chris Johnstone

Author of 7 Ways to Build Resilience

Mark Williamson

Director of Action for Happiness

Miriam Akhtar

Leading Positive Psychologist

Vicky Johnson

Happiness Trainer and co-founder of Museum of Happiness

Shamash Alidina

Mindful and Acceptance and Commitment Trainer and Author

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